Roosters Brewery Ltd. Howl (6.8%)

As much as I want Roosters to be brilliant every time they’ve occasionally fallen short but here, even though I’d argue that the ABV doesn’t make this an Imperial Stout, they’ve made something very good indeed.
Howl is a Stout aged in oak whisky barrels and brewed with figs, prunes and blackcurrants, and boy does it work well.
The beer pours a deep purple brown with a little cappuccino head and smells of liquorice and forest fruits.
The malting is heavy with black coffee and treacle tart, dark bitter chocolate, sea salt and pretzels, and there’s a light aniseed, herbal hedgerow, camomile tea and lemon zest from the Bramling Cross hops.
And all this goodness is heightened by a deep damp woodiness and a warm whisky booziness that creates depth, while the figs and prunes add a delicious meaty fruitiness and the blackcurrants add a juicy pop to the finish.
When Roosters get it right they’re brilliant, and this is just right.

Source: Beers Of Europe

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