Anchor Brewing Co. Blackberry Daze (6.5%)

It’s a warm and sunny Tuesday evening and I’ve spent the last couple of hours doing chores, feeding the children, cleaning up after the children and doing more chores.
Finally I’ve been able to get outside, water my raised beds and pick a load of gooseberries that are crying out to be made into a pie.
Or a fool.
Or indeed, anything gooseberry related.
And now, sitting in my favourite garden chair my hands cut to ribbons by those damned gooseberry bushes, I open Anchor’s Blackberry Daze, an IPA brewed with blackberries and its light fruitiness makes complete sense in my current surroundings.
There’s a soft and pulpy blackberry aroma and a subtle hint of ruby to the amber coloured beer as it fizzes and froths in my glass.
Taking a much deserved (if I say so myself) mouthful I’m immediately met by a pleasantly funky, almost Saison-esque spicy bite that washes around the caramel, vanilla and biscuits of the malting and the herbal pithy leaves of the hops.
The blackberries add a delicate fruitiness, rounding out the beer as I head towards a pleasantly bitter finish.
I think, all in all, I deserved this.

Source: Beers Of Europe

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