BrewChap Brewing Concern Covfefe (5%)

So this is what The Donald was trying to tell us.
Ian BrewChap is brewing Milk Stout with coffee and it is going to be good.
So good.
The Donald is a “craft” fan.
Right then, back in the real world Ian is a super home brewer and this, his beautifully named Coffee Milk Stout, is an absolute joy.
As a matter of fact this is better than most ‘professional’ brewers’ Milk Stouts that I’ve tasted recently, pouring a deep purple brown and smelling of fresh coffee and plum jam.
There’s a rich round chocolate and honey, prune and damson body from the malts and a good hit of pithy green herbal hedgerow shrubbery from the malts, while the rich black coffee builds as you drink, adding a warm woodiness to the finish of this silky smooth creamy beer.
As for the Decaffeinated version, it begins the same but then slowly becomes softer and creamier, a thicker beer with the coffee taking a back seat, its woodiness humming away and allowing the malts to get all rich and round and chocolatey, vanilla pods and just a hint of custard coming to the front in the delightfully chewy finish.

Source: BrewChap

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