Cloudwater Brew Co. DDH Amarillo Pale (5.5%)

Cloudwater continue to be almost unstoppable in the breadth and depth or their range, and near faultless in their execution.
Take this sexy little can of Pale Ale for example.
Dry hopped with Amarillo, Chinook and Mosaic, many breweries would be absolutely delighted if they’d brewed an IPA that ended up tasting and feeling like this.
The extra wheat malt adds a smooth creaminess as you drink, while the rest of the malt bill creates a chewy blend of vanilla ice cream cornets, honey and pop corn, and over this the hops are a big fresh blast of satsumas and oranges, lemon, lime and mango, all wrapped up in green herbal jackets.
The aroma is satisfyingly fresh and fruity and the finish is crystal clear and tongue tinglingly dry.
Yup, Cloudwater are still head and shoulders above practically everybody else.

Source: Hippo Beers

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