Blackjack Brewery Jabberwocky (4.1%)

A Pale Ale with a touch of rye, I love everything about this beer apart from the spelling and grammar on the label.
But then I’m a pedant about that kind of thing.
Jabberwocky is a soft and gentle, easy drinking Pale Ale with enough going on to keep you interested throughout a whole evening’s drinking if you so chose.
Its aroma is orchard fruit, juicy and inviting, and taking a swig you find a big splash of apple juice right from the off.
The malting adds toffee and shortcake and an earthy, chewiness from the cheeky addition of rye to the bill, while the hops provide herbal hedgerow and lemon zest, passionfruit, a little rolling tobacco and mango, and then the apples come back with a lovely fresh fruitiness in the dry crisp finish.
I meant to make a note of the grammatical errors on the label but I forgot, so the only way to find them would be for me to have another bottle.
I think I just might.

Source: EeBria

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