Northern Monk Brew Co. Northern Tropics (7.4%)

Another in Northern Monk’s Patrons Projects series, this one showcases the artwork of Drew Millward, a Bolton born illustrator.
It’s an IPA brewed with Pineapple and grapefruit juice and it’s wrapped in a beautiful Millward illustration that peels away to give you lots of extra info about the artist and the series.
The beer itself is a big juicy delight, pouring a pale gold with a little fuzzy head and smelling of Fruit Salad chewy sweets and honeysuckle.


The malting is soft and smooth, rich and warm with honey, caramel, waffles and shortcake, and the hops are sharp steely herbal leaves, dry and pithy hedgerow foliage, a blob of marmalade and some lemon sherbet zing.And while you drink the pineapple adds a fibrous fleshy quality and the grapefruit juice makes everything feel super fresh and lively.
More very good beer from Northern Monk.

Source: Crafty Beer Cans

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