Pillars Brewery Untraditional Lager (4.5%)

It’s always exciting to get beer from a new brewery through the post.
Exciting and a little bit nerve wracking.
I mean, what if I’ve got to tell them I think their beer is terrible, I’ve had to before and it’s a slightly uncomfortable conversation.
Fortunately for me, Pillars’ Untraditional Lager is pretty good, pouring a bright sunny gold with a little frothy head, it smells of honey biscuits, peaches and Iced Gems.
And those Iced Gems pop up in the flavour as well, adding a little sugar sweetness and a hint of vanilla to the soft caramel malt body.
The hopping is sharp and fresh with garden herbs, lemon zest and a lick of marmalade, and the yeast adds a nice hit of salty spiciness to the dry crisp finish.

Source: Pillars Brewery

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