Weird Beard Brew Co. Gumball (9.4%)

Mental, absolutely mental.
Almost dangerously mental.
But I’m not averse to a bit of danger, and so I’ve opened this mental bottle of bonkers hop juice at six in the evening while I’m making the kids their tea.
The kids’ tea might get interesting.
Gumball is a ridiculously juicy Double IPA, a Double IPA that squeezes every drop of joy from its Centennial, Motueka and Simcoe hops, punching you upside the nose holes as soon as you try to pour, smelling for all the world like Juicy Fruit on steroids or your best dream of a childhood sweet shop visit on your way home from school.
But a visit powered by booze.
Because Gumball is boozy, its alcohol sitting big and round and warm right in your chest and driving the beer along.
The malts are your creamy soft friend, mopping your brow with caramel and ice cream cones, honey and brandy snaps while those hops get to work, twizzling your tongue with lime zest and lemon curd, grapefruit, steely sharp herbal leaves, a fresh rolling tobacco woodiness to remind you of your time behind the bike sheds and a glob of gluey pine resin that sticks everything together.
Gumball is the most fun I’ve had while attempting to feed my children for some time.
They did eat, eventually, so there’s no need for alarm.

Source: Weird Beard Brew Co.

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