Marble Brewery Piwakawaka (6.2%)

With a soft and subtle malt bill that provides a solid if unassuming body of ice cream cornets and caramel and just a dab of honey, Piwakawaka is all about its New Zealand hops.
There’s Nelson Sauvin, Motueka, Southern Cross and Dr Rudi all doing their big fruity thing right in your face.
They waft up at you all fruit salad sweet and gently spicy as you pour, the pale golden beer with its fluffy little head fizzing with life, and they don’t hang about going to work on your tastebuds as soon as you take a swig.
Miles of pithy gooseberries and green grapes, freshly picked steely garden herbs, green apple skins, peach and papaya all working together to make your lips tighten into a wide smile, the lightly spiced bitterness of the finish leaving you with a dry palate that has you reaching for more.
Super stuff.

Source: Crafty Beer Cans

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