Ollie’s Brewery Shihtzu Stout (5.4%)

I love a well made chilli beer and this is simply superb.
It pours a meek and mild purple brown with a foaming creamy head and smells of chocolate and prunes and just a hint of red bell peppers, round and warm and inviting, and at this point, if you didn’t know that this was a chilli beer you’d think you simply had a well made Stout in your glass.
But then you take a swig and the chilli heat rushes up to greet you.
And even then it isn’t overwhelming.
It’s a throat warming, chest heating red chilli richness that’s sweet and earthy with paprika, almost smoky, and made smooth and rich by the lactose that pulls everything back into place with a much needed sugary kiss.
The malting is all dark chocolate and honey, cinder toffee and brioche, and the hops give you sharp lemon zest and maple syrup drenched autumnal leaf litter.
And all the while that chilli heat builds, tickling your tongue and stinging your lips in the most delightful way.

Source: Pop’n’Hops

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