To Øl Black Malts & Body Salts (9.9%)

My little band, Sarandon, used to do a song called “Lippy”.
It was about that bloke that you meet in the pub who has always, “done more than you’ve done, had even more fun, found trouble more often.”
This might just be the beer equivalent.
Black Malts & Body Salts is a monstrously big and blindingly good Imperial Black Coffee IPA that pours an impenetrable inky black with a fuzzy cappuccino head and a smell that’s heavy with prunes and coffee, India rubber and coffee.
The malting is a slab of cinder toffee, a plate of brandy snaps, baths full of honey, bottles of brandy and sheds full of bitter dark chocolate.
Massive and imposing, megalithic almost, the malting towers above you and dares you to tackle it.
And as you do the hopping sneaks up from behind and slaps you with bitter steely herbal leaves, gloopy maple syrup and brittle autumnal leaf litter, slashing at your lips with a sharp bitterness.
And if all this wasn’t enough there’s a rich round and woody black coffee that bubbles away underneath p, dilating your pupils and keeping your senses pin sharp as you head towards the long dry sticky tamarind finish.
This beer is Lippy.

Source: Pop ‘n’ Hops


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