Gipsy Hill Brewing Co. Karōshi (8%)

Brewed with a fruity Oregon yeast strain and a bunch of Nelson Sauvin, Motueka and El Dorado hops, this is a fine Double IPA that has been made as a thank you to the Gipsy Hill team.
If you get a bottle, and I suggest you do, you should make sure you swish the last centimetre of beer around to pick up as much yeast as you can and drop it into your glass.
It’ll make the beer a little bit cloudy but it will add a whole extra depth of flavour to the drink.
I know this to be true as I initially poured it and left a little, before changing my mind and adding it in to the mix.
So, the beer is a cloudy peach colour with a big frothy head that reminds me of my gran’s hair, and the smell is sherbet lemons and pineapple chunks, all childhood cornershop sweets with a hint of flower borders.
There’s a solid malt body and there needs to be, it creates a good backbone for the beer with lots of sticky salted caramel, fresh doughnuts, honey and waffles, and that Oregon yeast gives you a lightly earthy spiced lemon hum in the background while all the time those hops are doing what they do, with gooseberries and green grapes, lime leaves, metallic garden herbs, pithy hedgerow and lots of fizzy sherbet that leads you to a superbly dry and bitter finish that hides its booze frighteningly well.

Source: EeBria

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