Magic Rock Brewing Co. Timequake (4.5%)

It’s a very rare thing for Magic Rock to make me say, “Meh.”
In fact I think it’s only happened once before.
But with Timequake that’s exactly what I said and it’s because, as with a lot of Session IPAs as I have mentioned many times before, the hopping is so powerful and the malting so weedy that without backbone of some nice warm alcohol to round it out the beer feels thin and acidic.
The hops, and there are a lot of them, give you lemon zest and lime leaves, melon and peaches, mango, steely herbal leaves and sherbet, all of which makes the beer sharp and super bitter and dry.
But it’s all top end, all treble, and there really needs to be some sweetness, some stickiness from the malts, and because it’s not there you find a big gaping hole right in the middle of the beer.
Nope, this one doesn’t work for me.

Source: Ales By Mail

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