Pressure Drop Brewing Co. Verlangen (7.2%)

Brewed with some new German hop strains – Mandarina B, Hüll Melon and Comet De – this is a very tasty and rather interesting beer.
The aroma is strawberry, peach and something a little spicy that I can’t put my finger on, and the beer sits a deep dark amber in my glass, its foamy head fizzing with life.
There’s a solid malt body here, packed with toffee and doughnuts, it’s chewy and satisfying and, as importantly, sits well enough back for you to find all those new hops.
And this is where the beer gets, for me at least, really interesting, with what feels like the smashing together of old and new.
You see there’s lots of orange zest and grapefruit, lemon sherbet and melon, the flavours we’ve come to love from all those modern hops over the last few years, and then there’s also a hint of aniseed, deep dank spicy hedgerow undergrowth and hazel leaves, all flavours I associate more with traditional strains.
The two work together very well and make for a finish that’s woody and dry, sticky and resinous all at the same time.

Source: Ales By Mail

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