Brick Brewery Melange Imperial Stout (8.6%)

Brick’s Imperial Stout comes with a square of chocolate hanging from its neck.
It is chocolate made by Melange, a chocolatier from just down the road from the brewery, and not only is the chocolate absolutely lovely, rich and dry and dark and bitter, but it sits beautifully against the beer.
And the beer, which is what we’re here for, is super.
Pouring an inky black with a little cappuccino head, the smell is plums and prunes and putty, and taking a swig you find that the seven malts, vanilla pods and cocoa nibs all work in unison, creating an enormously rich and mouth filling beer that feels creamy and smooth, is packed with black coffee and chocolate, ice cream cones, waffles, salted caramel and honey biscuits.
There’s some rum and raisin, and brandy snaps as well, along with a crunchy conker and autumnal leaf litter, a squeeze of orange juice and a sprig of steely basil from the hops.
And slowly, as you drink and the beer warms up in your glass, the alcohol builds and a toffee pecan pastry sweetness develops, leading you to the most deliciously sticky pudding finish.
I have to warn you though, this is presented in a 660ml bottle that according to the label, is “ideal for sharing,” but you won’t want to share.
You’ll want to keep it to yourself and drink into oblivion.
Which is what I’m going to do.

Source: Brick Brewery

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