Bad Seed Brewery Crush (4.6%)

Back in the summer I bumped into the chaps from Bad Seed at a beer event and during the course of catching up with them they told me they’d decided to stop bottling and concentrate on their cask and keg beer.
I completely understood their reasoning and wished them luck, though I was sad that it’d be more difficult for me to drink their beer.
What they didn’t tell me, or maybe they’d just not decided at that point, was that they were going to start canning.
And so what a lovely surprise it was to find this little tin of Hopfenweisse that’s packed with good things to drink.
Crush is a cloudy wheat beer that has been brewed with miles and miles of juicy hops, the result being a soupy beer with a foamy little head and an aroma packed with peaches and foam shrimp sweets, and a flavour that balances a smooth and creamy oatmeal biscuit, honey, caramel and shortcake malting against a mandarin and lemon curd, lime zest, sherbet and basil hop hit.
It’s crisp and clean and superbly bitter whilst remaining smooth and thick and satisfying.
I’m so very pleased I can still drink Bad Seed beer at home.

Source: EeBria

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