Brew York Imperial Tonkoko Stout (7.5%)

More often than not I find it difficult to detect coconut in beer, but here, in Brew York’s Imperial Stout, it stands front and centre, tasting creamy and toasted and delicious.
The vanilla is there too, adding a rich ice cream sexiness while the cacao brings a big dry woody dark chocolate sweetness.
The beer pours a deep purple brown with a little cappuccino head and smells of boozy honey, apples and India rubber, and the malting is a soft warm and chewy treacle tart, honey and pancake treat with a smack of pithy sapling wood and garden foliage from the hops.
But it’s the toasted coconut, vanilla and cacao, boosted by a warm Jamaica Rum booziness that makes this beer a little bit special.

Source: Imperial Beer Club

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