Yeastie Boys: Half A Dozen Reasons To Love You More

By now we’ve all drunk the Yeastie Boys UK beer that is being contract brewed at BrewDog, and most of us love it.
But the beer that they have brewed back in their native New Zealand is a very different beast, unfiltered for a start.
I was lucky enough to get hold of half a dozen and I’ve fallen in love all over again.

PKB Remix 2016 (6%) highlights exactly what it is that I love so much about Yeastie Boys, their beer and their manner of doing things.
You see, PKB is a remix of Pot Kettle Black, their superb Hoppy Porter/Black IPA in which the Boys have, “removed the black from Pot Kettle Black to create a world first Pale Black IPA.”
And I love that playfulness, the honest sense of having fun with the whole of your business, from the way your product looks and tastes to the way it’s marketed.
And PKB Remix just happens to be bloody brilliant, pouring a warm amber with a little foamy head, it smells of chunks of toffee glued to an old woodworking bench, woody, sweet and inviting.
There’s a massive hit of pine resin and steely herbal leaves, orange marmalade and lemon bonbons from the hops while the malting is a round and chewy caramel and flapjack, peanut brittle and honey.
What’s more, the proceeds of this marvellous little bottle of fun go to the amazing, a charity helping to feed the hungry in New Zealand.

Royal Tanninbomb (8%) is a Double Earl Grey IPA, a bigger version of the Yeastie’s Gunnamata, and a skull drying, tongue twisting bottle of joy.
The tea is front and centre, slapping you with a massive hit of warm and woody spiced tangerine, it sucks all the moisture out of your face and leaves you puckered as the malts drive in, providing some sweet and sticky toffee and shortbread goodness and pulling everything back from being an all out sensory assault.
The hopping brings fresh and steely herbal foliage, lemon sherbet and lime zest, and all the while the smell of freshly brewed tea drifts up to you and the booze lends a round warmth, pushing the beer forwards as you’re led into another wave of tongue twisting face crinkling perfumed dryness.

Hellzapoppin’ (6.5%), inspired by legendary New Zealand band The 3Ds, is an IPA brewed with smoked malts and Peach Bhut and Fatalii Chillies.
It’s a beer that pulls no punches but manages to remain balanced while it builds a rich red and fruity chilli heat and envelopes you in a mist of woodland bonfire smokiness.
There’s a brown sugar syrup, honey and brown bread malting and a good hit of fresh herbs, lemon zest, mandarin and mango from the hops.
But it’s those Chillies and that warm smoky fug that rules this beer as your tongue prickles and your cheeks grow rosy with the delicious spicy heat.
I absolutely love this.

Rex Attitude (7%), a Peat Smoked Golden Ale, comes with the warning, “[…] it’s been said to be like tonguing your grandfather, cigars, tweed, leather and kippers […],” and it’s kind of all those things and yet still brilliant.
Rex Attitude is brewed using only a peat smoked malt that brings a fruity toffee and rosehips, heather honey and lots and lots of damp earthy wood fire smoke over which the hopping is all apricots and bracken, nettle tea and orange zest, while the yeast adds a delightfully airy ozone edge.
And with the slowly building chest warming heat, what this beer comes closest to is a damned good single malt Scotch Whisky.
Sweet and boozy, satisfying and rather sexy, Rex Attitude is a beer you need to try.

White Noise (4.4%) is an easy drinking wheat beer with a little tartness at its edges.
It’s a pale straw colour with a little fluffy head and an aroma that’s fresh and citrusy.
The malting is soft and gentle, with caramel and brioche making up the main body that brings to some vanilla and coconut water at its edges and feels smooth and creamy.
The hopping adds a smack of zippy lemon zest, steely basil leaves and a little lime juice, and all of this leads you into a lovely refreshing finish.
Not my favourite Yeastie creation, but eminently drinkable.

Divine Hammer (6.2%) is an amplified Amber Ale that has been brewed with a shed load of rye to add a rich meaty spiced heart to the beer.
Pouring a rich amber with a billowing head, the smell is spicy toffee apples and unsurprisingly that’s where the flavours begin when you take a big mouthful.
A warm toffee apple stickiness, honey glazed doughnuts and candy floss make the beer taste like an evening at the funfair.
But it’s a dirty, naughty evening, because the rye pulls you down into the soil, the earth underfoot and the hops add a smack of fresh foliage like stealing a kiss behind the waltzers, it’s fizzy with sherbet and thick with orange marmalade.
Yeah, this is sexy beer.

Source: Yeastie Boys


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