Brixton Brewery Epoch (7%)

Brewed to celebrate Brixton’s fourth birthday, Epoch is an ever so trendy at the moment New England IPA.
It’s also very good indeed, though having been filtered, it perhaps isn’t as hazy as it tells you it’s going to be.
That’s not a problem though, as the beer is ever bit as good as you’d hope, pouring a pale gold with a little fluffy head, the aroma is packed full of peach, passion fruit and apricot.
There’s a silky smooth feel to the beer, a soft creaminess, that makes the subtle caramel waffle, honey and brioche of the malts feel extra gentle while the hops are a sharp smack of lemon bonbons, lime leaves, papaya, mango and steely garden herbs.
Happy birthday Brixton, and here’s to many more years and many more beers.

Source: EeBria

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