Northern Monk Brew Co. Dark Neapolitan (6.2%)

Brewed with pistachio, cherry and vanilla essence and a load of lactose, this is a great big dessert of a beer.
It pours a deep purple brown with a little ring of bubbles for a head and smells of chocolate and coffee.
It’s not the greatest aroma, but once you take a swig you quickly forget anything other than how the beer feels and tastes.
This is a beer that is soft and creamy and smooth, its digestive biscuits and honey malts amplified by the deep cherry fleshiness, woody pistachio and creamy round vanilla.
The hops add a little slap of hedgerow greenery and some much needed bitterness, but this is a drink that is unapologetically a sweet and thick pudding of a beer.

Source: Ales By Mail

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