Tempest Brewing Co. Attack Of The Killer Crab (9.2%)

I love Tempest and what they’re doing with beer, they’re one of my very favourite British breweries and lovely people to boot.
They also like to have fun while creating enormous beers and this “Crab Juice DIPA” to, “wash away the awful taste of Khalsa Kalash,” an homage to The Simpsons, is no exception.
It’s a monster of a beer, pouring a warm amber with a frothy head, the aroma is a head swirling journey down the rabbit hole of your childhood sweet shop, with a dizzying array of foam shrimp, Juicy Fruit and pineapple chunks getting right up your nose.
And once you take a mouthful you find there’s no escape from the sensory onslaught with a hefty malt body packed with brown sugar syrup, waffles and doughnuts, honey and caramel, which works in tandem with the Vermont yeast and its earthy fruit pulp flavours to make the beer feel sweet and hearty.
The hops – Amarillo and Citra, if you were wondering – zip about over all this round chewy goodness with sharp and tangy lime zest, lemon sherbet, pithy herbal leaves, woody rolling tobacco and orange marmalade, that leads you towards the endlessly long bitter sweet finish.

Source: Tempest Brewing Co.

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