Time & Tide Brewing White Cell (9.7%)

It’s funny isn’t it?
At least it’s funny to me, funny interesting that is rather than funny peculiar, that a Stout was just a strong beer many moons ago, not a dark brown beer.
I was first educated about this by Durham Brewery a few years ago when they brewed their superb White Stout and this, a collaboration between Time & Tide and Weird Beard, is a delicious take on the style.
White Cell pours a pale gold with a little fuzzy head and smells of coffee and peaches and the seaside, it’s sweet and woody, ozone rich and lightly salted.
The hops, a mix of Bramling Cross and Sorachi Ace, make for a hit of hazel leaves and chamomile tea, lemon curd and steely bitter herbal leaves, and the malting hits you with a hefty fist of toffee and brown sugar syrup, shortcake and doughnuts.
All of this goodness is driven forward by a white rum booziness, while the addition of coffee beans and cocoa nibs adda hit of woody espresso and sandy dry bitter chocolate.
White Cell is very good indeed.

Source: Ales By Mail

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