Beerbliotek Still Haven’t Found What You’re Looking For (8%)

Cinder toffee, coffee and chocolate praline, rum and raisin and woody rolling tobacco.
Those were the words that raced into my head on taking my first sip of this superb Swedish Oatmeal Stout.
Everything about this beer, apart from its name, is just right.
It’s deep and dark and smooth, creamy and fresh and balanced.
It pours a deep purple brown and smells of dark and bitter Belgian chocolate, and there’s a round and chewy treacle tart, vanilla ice cream and honey waffle malting along with some steely dry herbal hops that bring a pithy woodiness to the party.
The oats make the beer feel round and creamy and the booze pushes the beer beer along towards its macedamia and vanilla rich finish.
The only downside for me is that I have always disliked the band that have given this beer its name.

Source: Imperial Beer Club

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