Brouwerij De Molen Cher & Choco (10%)

Why is it that I, like so many others, adore De Molen’s beer?
Well, take this Stout, a collaboration with Brussels Beer Project.
It’s been brewed with cacao nibs and cherries and it is, to put it bluntly, extraordinary.
And it’s all to do with the weight and balance of the beer.
To begin with, Cher & Choco is a superbly balanced Imperial Stout that pours an inky black with a little cappuccino head and smells of rum and raisin and black cherries.
The malting is hefty with Soreen and treacle tart, gooey honey and that sherry trifle sponge finger base that reminds you of tea time at your nan’s.
Then there’s the amber red crunchy leaf litter, conker and maple syrup fo the hops, and all of this by itself makes for a superb beer.
But where many breweries would add cherries and or Cacao to their recipe and stick the additions far too prominently in your face, De Molen let the cherries and Cacao nibs add a subtle meaty Black Forest Gateaux chocolate fruitiness that is deliciously subtle, building layers of flavour instead of slapping you around the face with its extras.
And with a finish that is warm and boozy, sticky and sexy, De Molen remain my favourite brewery in the world.

Source: Ales By Mail

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