Kompaan: Beer From The Hague

Kompaan Bier was established in 2012 by two friends in The Hague, north of Rotterdam in the Netherlands.
The brewery is growing steadily and has a bustling brewery tap on site.
They brew a wide range of styles and, most importantly for me, they are looking towards getting their beer into the UK.
To that end I was kindly sent a sample of their range and I have to say that I hope they get over here soon.

Bond Genoot (5.2%) is Kompaan’s Hopped Blond and it is simply superb.
Crisp and clean and fresh, it packs in a delightfully subtle and supple malt that gives you caramel and Belgian waffle, honey and ice cream cones.
Just underneath this there’s a lovely earthy yeast hum that takes you on a journey into Belgian territory with its warm and spicy meaty bite.
Then there’s the big hit of steely herbal hops, they’re green and pithy and taste like they’ve just been picked.
Lemon zest and a dab of orange marmalade jumps out at you and the beer finishes in a bright fizz of lemon sherbet.

Tommy Double-Barrel (11.5%) is a very cool name for a very good beer.
It’s a scarily strong beer that has been aged in two types of barrel that have imparted unquantifiable depths of flavour.
The beer pours a deep cherry red and smells of brandy apples and honey, and taking a mouthful you find an enormous thick chewy malt body caked in treacle tart and Spotted Dick, Golden Syrup and fig biscuits, along with a fistful of autumnal leaf litter hops that are crunchy and woody, with a gentle peach and apricot and a flash of lemon zest.
But what I love about this beer is how the barrel ageing has worked, making the beer super dry and woody, yet damp and rich and fungal, warm boozy Bourbon raisin and molasses flavours drift up from its depths and an earthy spice peeps out at you as you head toward the lip tighteningly dry finish.

Jimmy Skimmed (4.5%) is a “low fat Milk Stout”, a beer that’s smooth and creamy and rather good.
Coffee beans and chocolate fill your nose as you pour and those flavours are the first to hit you as you take a sip.
The malting creates a body filled with coffee that’s round and woody and dark with a hint of black cherry and a chocolate that’s rich and bitter.
There’s some crunchy woodland hops, conkers and maple syrup, and the lactose makes all of this super smooth with a hint of vanilla ice cream in the soft warm finish.

Jerry Sauertopf (3.8%)
, a Kettle soured East-Berliner Weisse, is a dry and steely delight.
It’s a beer that really shows you the kettle it lay in, a sharp and teeth curling metallic bitterness zapping you right between the eyes.
The aroma is freshly squeezed lemon juice and garden flower petals and the beer sits an apricot gold in my glass.
There’s a soft caramel biscuit and spun sugar malt that brings some much needed sweetness to the background of the beer, and a splash of lemon and lime and herbal leaves from the hops.
But it’s that sharp, lip puckering tartness that makes this a very refreshing beer.

Kompaan’s American Wheat Ale (5.7%), Badgast, is creamy and fruity, soft and chewy.
It’s a rich amber beer with a frothy little head and an aroma full of peach and honeysuckle, and taking a mouthful you find a smooth malt body rich with toffee and shortcake, honey and brioche, and a slap of mango and papaya, lemon sherbet and lime leaf hops.
All this makes for a beer with a big fruity finish that’s fun and easy to drink.

Boris The Butcher (9.5%) is so soft and velvety that I had to check that it isn’t a Milk Stout.
It’s not, it’s just a very well made Baltic Porter that pours an inky black with a foamy cappuccino head and smells of chocolate pretzels.
There’s a rum baba, treacle tart and honeyed brioche malt body, thick and round and chewy, it sticks to your gums and refuses to leave, coal tar soap and tamarind, burned wholemeal toast and marmite coming in at its edges.
The hops here are subdued but nevertheless important, their crunchy leaf litter, walnut, tobacco and orange zest adding some much needed bitterness to the soft sweet brandy liqueur finish.

Super beer, beautifully presented, you can get more information on Kompaan and even enter a competition to win a trip to Holland by visiting their website.

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