Brouwerij De Molen Sun & Moon (10%)

Brewed in collaboration with Tempest, who I love dearly, this Umami Imperial Stout is absolutely superb, even if I can’t find any of the Umami ingredients at all.
You see Sun & Moon has been brewed with Shitake mushrooms, Miso Light and Dark and salted seaweed, but nine of that is anywhere to be found and yet the beer is absolutely superb.
Pouring a deep blackhole black with a thick and creamy cappuccino head, the aroma is prune and putty and chocolate coffee beans.
Taking a swig you find a beer that is thick and rich and chewy, the malting heavy with treacle tart and toffee, honey, pecan pie and chocolate sauce.
There’s a splash of espresso as well, just before the hops give you a lick of tobacco and nettle tea, lemon zest and satsuma peel.
In the finish there’s a hint of salty ozone and maybe just a trace of earthy marmite and mushroom, but it’s so subtle that I can’t be sure I’m imagining it because I know that it should be there.
And yet this is an excellent Imperial Stout whether you can find the extra bits or not.

Source: Ales By Mail

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