A Tale Of Two Beers From Neon Raptor Brewing Co.

Ghost Twins (6.8%)
I’m not bothered by the, “new water profile,” or even the, “carefully ratioed yeast strains.”
No, I’m only bothered by the beer tasting good.
Especially when the label goes to such lengths about the water and the yeast.
So Ghost Twins is a NEIPA and it’s OK, but that’s as far as it goes.
The aroma is far too heavy with caramel, with only a hint of pear drops and peaches to add any interest, and although the malting is sweet and chewy with caramel wafers and the hops add a punch of orange marmalade, garden herbs and lemon zest, there’s an odd and slightly unpleasant feel to the beer, a harsh sandiness where the beer should be smooth and creamy.
Maybe it’s the new water profile.

New Construction Options (8%)
As much as I didn’t like their NEIPA, I really like Neon Raptor’s DIPA, with its big round sugar cane, honey, brioche and wafer body, brandy snaps popping up towards the end.
New Construction Options pours a rich amber with a little frothy head and smells of booze laced Juicy Fruit chewing gum, rich and round and fun.
There’s a decent hit of hops, namely Citra, Simcoe and Mosaic, that give you a big fruit punch of tangerine and lemonade, mango, peach, tobacco and woodland leaves.
The yeast adds to the fruitiness with an added earthy bite as you head into the long bitter sweet finish.

Source: Pop’n’Hops

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