Abbeydale Brewing Co. Deliverance (9%)

The more Abbeydale beer that I drink, the more I like them.
They’re top people as well, which is always a bonus.
Deliverance is a Double IPA brewed with Citra, Vic’s Secret and Mosaic, and boy does it scream at you with all its deep sticky fruit heart, like a Hardcore vocalist who just can’t make enough noise.
Think of it as Minor Threat as a beer.
It’s big and noisy, bolshy and fun, right on trend and totally righteous.
The hops are bright shards of trebly guitars, super fast riffs of lemon and lime zest, kiwi, orange and peach, and the malts are a strong and stable backbeat, kick and snare beating along with toffee and doughnuts, honey and wafer biscuits.
And then there’s the deep and gutteral howl of the chest warming brandy snap booze, the front man shouting for all he’s worth as you head to the brain swimming, sweaty finale.
Brilliant and exciting.

Source: Imperial Beer Club


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