Loka Polly Cascade Zeus Pale Ale (5.5%)

I’ve heard a fair bit about this new Flintshire based brewery over the last few weeks and so it’s good to get my hands on some of their beer and find out what the fuss is all about.
It turns out that the fuss is all about Loka Polly, based on this can at least, know how to brew a good beer.
Cascade Zeus Pale Ale is double dry hopped, which as you know is the new cool thing to do, and they’ve done it really well, creating a huge wall of hop goodness without wiping out what is a solid brown sugar, wafer, honey and shortcake malt.
The aroma of the beer is a fresh and dewy wander down a hedgerow lined lane, it’s floral and green and inviting.
Then, after the aforementioned malting creates its chewy base, the hops go to work with a superbly bitter and dry slap of pithy hazel leaves, nettle tea, lemon zest and dandelions, fresh rolling tobacco and gooseberries, they’re big and bold and bright and make for a finish that is extremely long, bitter and dry.
The mumblings are warranted and I look forward to trying more.

Source: Ales By Mail

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