Magic Rock Brewing Co. Hedonic Escalation (6.7%)

There’s a lot of mango and papaya in this beer.
There’s lemon and lime as well, some rolling tobacco and lots of pithy grapefruit skins.
And so calling this beer a Tropical IPA is right on the money.
My love for Magic Rock, like lots of other people, goes on and on, and I remember fondly driving up to Huddersfield to present them with the first ever CAMRGB Beer Of The Year award.
It was pissing down and didn’t stop all day as I handed over the little glass award and raced back down the M1 in a vain attempt to be on time to pick my kids up from school, my belly warmed by my first ever taste of their then brand new Bearded Lady.
Hedonic Escalator is a bloody good IPA packed with fresh zingy hops that are backed up by a lovely supple honeycomb and toffee coated doughnut malting.
You get sweet, you get sharp, you get a little boozy warmth.
In fact you get everything you could hope for in a big blast of bright colours, a little like the music I chose that to drink it with.

Source: Ales By Mail


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