Põhjala Beer Mets (7%)

Well now, let me start at the very beginning.
This is a Black IPA.
But not any old Black IPA.
No, this is a Black Forest inspired IPA, brewed with hand picked Spruce tips and forest blueberries.
Does that sound good?
It ought to.
Now, strap yourselves in because here we go.
Before opening the beautifully labelled bottle I picked a slab of prime mind altering 70’s German Rock in the form of Faust’s “IV”, let the opening song, “Krautrock” kick in, and then sat back and poured.
The liquid slid an inky black, slipping into my glass like a black hole in a Moorcock book.
The smell of the beer is warm and Stouty, with a rich fruitiness, brambles and honey, but as I lifted the glass to my lips and took my first sip I realised that Mets is far more IPA than Stout.
There’s an immediate rush of spiky green pithy hedgerow, bitter lemons, lime leaves, woody tobacco and the driest most metallic garden herbs I could imagine.
The malting is over-baked fruit cake and treacle tart, providing a dense chewy backbone while those Spruce tips make the beer super sticky, pine needles prickling around the juicy flesh of the blueberries that add a softness to the killer dry finish.
By the time Faust IV reached its third song, the drifting mind expanding throb of “Jennifer” I was absolutely smitten.

Source: Imperial Beer Club

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