Magic Rock Brewing Co. Botany Of Desire (8.7%)

What makes this beer, a Double IPA brewed with honey, so very good isn’t the honey, it isn’t the warm booze or the deliciously sharp combined assault of Denali, Mosaic, Simcoe and Citra hops that slash at you with lime segments and mandarin skins, peach and mango, tobacco and green herbal leaves.
It isn’t the solid malt body that provides the stage for the aforementioned hops with its brown sugar syrup, brioche, caramel and Weetabix heart.
It isn’t even the sticky earthy sweetness of the heather honey, thick and rich, earthy and delicious.
No, what makes this beer, for me at least, is the use of Brett Trois WLP644 yeast.
It adds the most deliciously sharp and tart earthiness to the background of the beer, in itself amplifying and balancing the round sweetness of the malts and honey, and adding a damp undergrowth depth to the hops.
All in all, Botany Of Desire is Magic Rock at their very best.

Source: Imperial Beer Club

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