Mad Squirrel Ascension (6%)

What a great beer this is.
Ostensibly a Saison, Mad Squirrel have Hopped this beer to the edge of sanity.
It’s been Hopped in the mash and boil, dry hopped and then fermented with a blend of Vermont and Saison yeast and the result is delicious.
It’s a bit feisty to pour, but worth all the bubbles with its light fug of sweet farmyard silage and apricot jam.
The malting is all runny honey and pancakes, shortcake and caramel and all those hops build as you drink, with lemon curd and lime zest, country lane herbal foliage and garden flowers.
The alcohol adds a warm boozy heat that rounds out the beer and pushes the fruity esters of the yeast to the front as you head for the salty sweet finish.

Source: Mad Squirrel Brewery

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