Stillwater Artisinal Super Hop (6%)

Before we talk about the beer could I please spend a minute or two enthusing over the typeface on the can.
It’s pretty much what made me want to try the beer, after all it’s yet another NEIPA, but the font and the colours reminded me of lots of garage records and, above all the Super Fuzz and Big Muff guitar peddles.
And they’re bits of kit close to my heart.
“So what’s the beer like?” You ask.
“Get on with it,” you rightly moan.
Well, Super Hop is a very good take on the style, with lots of peach and mango in the aroma that follows through into the flavour as you take a swig.
The malting is soft a supple, light chewy caramel, brioche, honey and sugar glazed doughnuts, the hops add a sharp green slap of herbal foliage and the yeast brings everything together with its lightly spiced earthy basket of over ripe stone fruit.
It’s a very good beer wrapped in a very cool can.

Source: Ales By Mail

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