Dry & Bitter Brewing Co. Great Gig In The Sky (8.5%)

Firstly, can I say that I love the prism effect printing of this beer’s label, catch it just right and the sun makes the bottle glow.
Secondly, I need to tell you about how good this Double IPA is.
Very damned good, that’s how good.
I poured it a little hard and made a cloudy peach soup in my glass, though I didn’t mind as the smell drifting up at me was rich and juicy, all tinned fruit in syrup, sweet and inviting.
Then there was that first mouthful that ran the gauntlet between soft sexy and ever so chewy honey and doughnut, maple syrup and waffle malts and the gorgeously seductive hit of lime jelly and orange marmalade, sherbet lemon, mango and steely herbal leaves of the hops.
By the third mouthful the booze had snuck up on me, all warm and satisfying, egging me on to drink a little more as it infused the long dry bitter finish with a sumptuous brandy snap sweetness.

Source: Ales By Mail

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