Pillars Brewery Pineapple & Lime Summer Session (4%)

On a day when the overwhelming heat has left us and the sky is grey and heavy with rain, the temperature has fallen to a far more British 18° than the immense warmth we’ve been hit with for the last two weeks, I turn to a little can of brightness for a bit of sun.
Pillars’ Pineapple & Lime Summer Session Lager is light and crisp and playful, fresh and refreshing, its malts are a soft and subtle oaty biscuit smothered in salted caramel and its hops add that lightly spiced herbal greenery and lemon rind that Citra can bring.
But it’s the pineapple juice and lime zest that raises this beer to a different level of goodness, making for a super bright fruity aroma and adding a big fizzing zesty kick and a meaty juiciness to the crisp clean finish of this fab little Lager.

Source: Pillars Brewery

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