A Pair Of Fallen Beers Where You’d Least Expect To Find Them

I take my hat off to Aldi’s Scottish buyer, really I do.
It’s not that they have sought out a very good Scottish brewery to get on to their shelves, it’s the fact that they’ve gone with a Gose, a German Style Sour Wheat beer brewed with coriander.
Gose Train (4%) pours a light and cloudy sunny gold and smells of lightly salted lemon curd.
The beer is tart rather than sour, which suits me just fine, crisp and bright, it’s held up by a sticky honey and walnut bread malt and made sharp and sparkling by the lime leaf and lemon zest of the Motueka hops.
In the finish the coriander pops and crackles with a light spiciness against the bitter dryness and snap of salt.

The Aldi Buyer has also chosen Wanganui (4.6%), a superb Pale Ale brewed with Huell Melon and Taiheke hops that give the most delicious gala melon flavour, fresh and clear and fruity.
Underneath this the malts are soft and chewy, caramel biscuits and honey drizzled bagels, and the addition of kiwi fruit adds a little citrus juiciness to the aroma as you head towards the lightly bitter and deliciously dry finish.

Source: Aldi

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