Brouwerij Bliksem Kermis In De Ale (7.1%)

Fancy a Black IPA that’s as thick and creamy as a super Stout but with the hop kick of one of America’s craft finest?
You do?
Well, look no further as Bliksem’s BIPA is a beer of astonishing depth and beauty.
It pours like a Stout, thick and rich, its purple brown body supporting a big foaming cappuccino head and smells of chocolate and black cherries.
Taking a mouthful you sink into a world of chocolate and toffee, honey and waffles, dry and crunchy burned wholemeal toast slathered with treacle, it’s all gloopy and comforting.
But just when you get settled into a deep Stout experience, the hops burst out with bright shiny grapefruit, woody tobacco, nettles and hazel leaves, hedgerow undergrowth and lime zest.
Put simply, this is one of the best Black IPAs I’ve had in a very long time.

Source: Beerwulf

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