Red Cat Brewing Murmuration (6%)

Let’s talk about the world of vacuous Craft Beer wordplay for a moment.
That point where beer meets Nouvelle Cuisine and is none the better for it, the need felt to over elaborate.
Take this little bottle of actually rather good Stout for example.
Rather than putting it in a bottle and giving it a nice name (I love a good murmuration, me), Red Cat feel the need to call this a deconstructed Stout, a beer that uses, “a new method devise by Red Cat [using] the deconstructed brewing process.”
The thing is, they don’t tell us what this process is and how it is different to any other brewing process, and more importantly, this beer tastes like a very good Stout, but it does just taste like a Stout, so what difference has this unexplained new process made?
The malting is thick and creamy and rich with chocolate and toffee, digestive biscuits and brioche an there’s a subtle snap of red powder resin and autumnal leaf litter glued together by orange marmalade from the hops.
Murmuration is a very good beer, so let it speak for itself instead of adding all these extra words because, unless you explain exactly what the special brewing technique is, it is absolutely meaningless.

Source: EeBria

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