A Hiver Fiver

Hiver, the brewery that makes beer with honey have just turned five years old.
They have also decided to move their beer into cans.
These are two very good things.
The cans look fantastic, taking the original bottle labels and moving them on into something that looks really rather classy and, more importantly, the beer tastes so much bette for it.
Take the Hiver Blonde (4.5%), it’s always been a light and crisp little beer, but now from a can the honey really comes into its own.
Sticky and rich and sweet, it sits just above the sharp snap of hedgerow hops and the soft caramel and wafer biscuits of the malting.
My favourite, however, is the Hiver IPA.
And here in a can the hops feel extra sharp, fresh and bitter, Bramling Cross and Pilgrim bringing lots of dandelion and borage, better tea, hawthorn and herbal hedgerow.
The malting creates a solid toffee and digestive biscuit backbone while the honey feels smooth and chewy, adding its own special charm to the edges of the long bitter finish.

Source: Hiver Beer

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