Bottle Up & Go: Yeovil Ales

Yeovil Ales have for some time now been building their reputation and winning awards in their native Somerset and across the south west.
They have recently built their own in-house bottling line and starting bottling their core range.
I thought it might be worth a try.

Posh IPA (5.4%)
Yeovil Ales have recently started bottling their beer and they kindly sent me some to try.
I’ve started with their IPA and it’s an eminently drinkable beer that pours a rich gold and smells of toffee apples and peaches.
There’s a lot of traditional English IPA flavours going on in here and I must say that, in amongst the masses of US hop drenched beer I drink, it makes a nice change to find borage and fennel, dandelion and burdock, aniseed and herbal green hedgerows while the malting is soft and sticky with toffee and biscuits, honey and brown bread.
I could happily drink this all evening.

Kellerbier (4.3%)
Yeovil’s unfiltered and unfined Lager is good and crisp and clean.
It has a soft creamy body full of caramel and salted shortcake biscuits, and there’s a lightly spiced honey aroma.
The hops are big and green and fresh, with nettle tea and chamomile, steely herbal leaves and just a hint of chives before a squeeze of lemon adds some extra zip to the super long bitter finish.
Another winner.


Star Gazer (4%)
Fancy a well made Bitter to sit back and relax with?
Look no further, as Star Gazer presses all the right buttons.
It’s nutty and fruity, full of honey and digestive biscuits, praline and Daim bars, and has an aroma full of red berries and hay bales.
The hops bring a hint of aniseed and lots of damp and dewy haze leaves and woodland foliage, while the finish is part soft brown sugar sweetness and part sharp nettle greenery.


Stout Hearted (4.3%)
Yeovil Ales’ Stout is the weakest of the four beers I’ve tried, though it’s still a decent enough beer in its own right.
It pours an inky black with a big creamy head, but the smell is a little too gassy and yeasty.
Taking a swig you find some lovely dark chocolate, molasses, milky coffee, honey and brown bread from the malts and a crunchy and crisp hit of autumnal leaf litter and sticky maple syrup from the hops.
Everything is fine apart from the aroma that detracts rather than adds to the experience.


Source: Yeovil Ales

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