LOKA POLLY Mosaic Simcoe Double IPA (8.2%)

This is a love letter.
A poem in prose.
You make me write in flowery language, in the language of flowers.
Because you, LOKA POLLY, make me happy more than any other brewery of the past few years.
Every beer kisses me and everything you dress in is a delight to my eyes.
You are my favourite Pale Ale brewery, you’re fresh and fun and very very sexy.
Perhaps it’s the booze, perhaps it’s the hops, perhaps it’s the sum of the parts that I’ve poured, but Mosaic Simcoe DIPA smells of mango and papaya and slinks into my glass a cloudy creamy peach yellow and I’m happy.
The malts are soft and creamy, thick and chewy and voluptuous and they take me by the tongue and lead me down into a place where the hops pop and crackle with life.
Lemon and lime and something sublime, a taste of the tropics that I can’t quite put my finger on is bright and zappy while woody tobacco makes me happy and the steely herbal tang rubs up against the warm sweet brown sugar booze of the finish.
This is a love letter to a brewery that has jumped straight into my heart.
But now my only wish is that you make something dark as you’ve nailed the Pale and I am dying to see what you can do to me with an Imperial Stout.

Source: Pop’n’Hops

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Founder of CAMRGB. Member of The British Guild Of Beer Writers. Leftist bigmouth. Old and grumpy.
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