DEYA Brewery CGBW TIPA (11%)

Brewed for Cheltenham & Gloucester Beer Week, this Triple IPA is a collaboration between a whole bunch of breweries.
DEYA, Gloucester Brewery, Velvet Owl, Hillside, Favourite Beers, Prescott Brewery and the National Star charity for people with disabilities.
What’s more 100% of the profits go to the National Star charity.
Just as important as the charitable nature of this beer is the fact that it is absolutely magnificent, and will cross your eyes and make you wobbly well before you get to the bottom of your glass.
The malting is thick and chewy, heavy with caramel shortcake, pancakes and honey on an industrial scale.
This is a malt body you’ll need a knife and fork to work through.
Couple with that the sparkliest sherbet lemons, lots of steely herbal leaves, greengages, pineapple juice and lime zest from the hops, along with a big earthy peach stone and bread dough yeasty background hum, and you’re left with an enormously fun beer with a warm drunken white rum finish.

Source: Pop’n’Hops

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