Mad Squirrel Brewing: Native Tastes

Half of the Mad Squirrel brewing team were born, raised and taught how to brew in Germany, and this has led them to want to use some of their expertise in German beer styles here in the UK.
Thus the Native Tastes Range has been born to allow them to do just that, and I’m very glad that they have.

Munich Helles (5%)
This astonishingly good Lager is part one of Mad Squirrel’s Native Tastes Range.
A few months ago a Lager made by the Squirrel gang was my beer of the day at Nottingham Craft Beer Festival, and with this Munich Helles they’ve blown my mind again with just how good a lagered beer can be.
Everything here is big and round and amplified, from the aroma to the finish, there’s something satisfying in every mouthful.
The malting is soft and creamy, sticky with toffee popcorn, and there’s a little background bite of earthy bread dough from the yeast.
Then there’s the hopping with its green grass and summer meadow fragrance, pithy hedgerow leaves and a twist of lime in the crisp bitter finish.

Rye Bock (6.2%)
Man alive, these just get better and better.
Native Tastes II is a thick and chewy, peanut brittle and toffee apple fuelled seduction of a beer.
It slinks into your glass a rich amber with a thick creamy head, smelling for all the world of boozy Bakewell Tart, all almonds and red fruit.
The body of the beer is a round and voluptuous treacle and orchard fruit, honey and brioche beauty, the rye adding some extra earthy depths for ya to dive down into, while the hopping provides some much needed pithy snappiness to the edges of the beer with hazel leaves and woody undergrowth, giving the sweet sexy finish a little piquant kiss.

Source: Mad Squirrel Brewing

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