Magic Rock Brewing Co. The Wave Project (5.2%)

What makes this, for me at least, a super Session IPA, is that it’s got a high enough ABV that a lot of other breweries would leave off the word Session.
The Wave Project is an amazing charity that helps young people realise their potential through surfing and the sea, and this beer is a great thing to drink while sitting on a sandy beach and watching the waves.
The aroma is hefty with lemon bonbons, sweet and sugary and very inviting, and then, taking a swig, you find a gorgeous malt body full of caramel wafers, lightly salted shortcake and maple syrup pancakes.
It’s a solid base on which the hops can perform, and not do they perform.
T90 Chinook, Lemon Drop and Mandarina Bavaria, along with Cryo Citra and Chinook punch you full in the face with fresh rolling tobacco, sherbet lemons, sticky orange marmalade, the damp undergrowth of woodland walks and a snap of pithy sapling, all of high is underpinned by a warm clean booziness.
This is Magic Rock at their very best.

Source: Pop’n’Hops

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