Uiltje Brewing Co. Mind Your Step (14%)

Not content with this being an enormous Imperial Stout to take the top of your head off, Uiltje decided to add juniper and cranberries and to age Mind Your Step with maple oak chips, coffee and maple syrup.
The result is a beer that’ll leave your face in a rictus smile while you slide off your chair and into oblivion.
Mind Your Step doesn’t hide its booze, but neither does it burn you with it, instead you find a sexy fire in your belly, all rum and raisin and brandy snaps, while the malts grow with every sip, bringing burned wholemeal toast, black coffee and honey drenched Madeira cake.
There’s a hefty hit of hops as well, all wordy and autumnal, you find fresh rolling tobacco, pine needles, redwood resin and orange marmalade, all of which is held together by a sticky, gloopy maple syrup that glues the fruity dryness of the Juniper and cranberries to the roof of your mouth and ensures there’s a fresh crispness to the otherwise drunken treacle tart finish.

Source: Imperial Beer Club

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