Wylam Brewery Freak Magnet (8.5%)

Freak Magnet is a great name for a DIPA, and it’s been wrapped in a beautiful bit of surrealist artwork as well.
The beer itself, as is the norm nowadays, is cloudy and murky and absolutely stinks of good things.
Sugar coated pineapple chunk sweets, peaches and golden syrup all leap out at you as you pour, and then taking a swig the beer is immediately bright sparkling thing, alive with freshly squished tropical fruit salad, mango and papaya, lime zest and kiwi juice edged by basil leaves, steely and dry, a hint of mint and a touch of chives.
And once you get through this enormous hoppy hit, pushed along by an earthy preachiness from the yeast, you find a brown sugar syrup, Malteser and biscuit malt body.
All this and a great big booze warmed bitter finish.

Source: Pop’n’Hops

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