7 Fjell Bryggeri Eiffeltårnet (7.5%)

Those of you that know me know my deep and undying love of Norway and all things Norwegian.
I even speak the language (though not very well).
And those of you that know me know of my deep and undying love of beer brewed with Rye.
So to have my first experience of a previously unknown Norwegian Brewery be a Stout brewed with rye pretty much pushes all my buttons.
And Eiffeltårnet doesn’t disappoint.
According to the bottle’s label, Eiffeltårnet is a radio mast stuck on top of a high peak close to the brewery.
It’s an imposing landmark and this is an imposing beer.
A deep and dense rich and buttery bitter chocolate, fig, prune and brandy malting makes up the heart of the beer, with the hops adding a crisp and crunchy maple syrup, Hazel leaf and bracken bitterness.
There’s a light smokiness as well, like the smell of smoked bacon on the breeze as you go for a walk on a Sunday morning.
This is a superb beer that makes me love Norway even more.

Source: Pop’n’Hops

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