Brasserie Des Dunes De Flandre Au Gallodrome Estaminet (6.5%)

I don’t very often write about Belgian or French Beer, there being so much to read about them already, written by people who know much more than I do.
But I feel the need to say a few words about this as it came into my fridge because my brother, who isn’t a Beer Geek in any way, picked it up on a family holiday to Flanders and this was the beer served in the place they stayed, and he presented it to me this Christmas.
And what he’s given me, however unwittingly, but very kindly, has made my day, as this is an absolutely superb Farmhouse Saison (Bier De Garde?) that pours a bright gold with a big frothy head and smells of apple cores and honey, hay bales and a hint of sweet silage.
There’s a delightfully soft brioche, shortcake and salted caramel malt body, it’s smooth and creamy and a little bit chewy, and over this the hops come on with swipes of lemon zest and chamomile tea, steely herbal leaves an hazelnuts, while there’s an amazing warm and earthy, fungal meaty spiciness from the yeast that adds a piquant kick to the warm boozy finish.
Thanks Mark, this is the best Christmas pressie I’ve had for ages.

Source: Brasserie Des Dunes De Flandre

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