Sori Brewing Lost Crow (5.5%)

If you’ve not visited Tallinn before, then the wonderful breweries opening up around the city might just be the extra push you need to go.
It’s a super city, a short boat ride from Helsinki, it once sat at the very edge of the old Soviet Union and as such always maintained an openness to the outside world, a thriving artistic underground and a bit of a wild side.
I was offered a job there when my London based employment ended, and often I wish I’d taken it up, if only for a short while.
Anyhow, this is a beer review, so let’s get on with it.
Sori is a brewery founded by two Finns who made the aforesaid short trip across the water, and this lovely crisp dry Saison with Elderflowers has been brewed in collaboration with Dois Corvos of Lisbon.
The aroma that rises from the beer’s big fluffy head is spicy and earthy with just a touch of farmyard sweetness, and there’s a deep and chewy toffee and biscuit malt base.
The hopping – Hallertau Blanc – brings green grape skin pithiness and lots of hedgerow greenery while the elderflowers slowly build in the background as you drink, adding a refreshing floral crispness to the finish.
Very good indeed.

Source: EeBria

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